How to Paint Unfinished Drywall? 4 Easy Steps!

So, you’re attempting to paint the unfinished drywall on your garage. But, have no idea what to do or where to start.

Now you’re just sitting there wondering how to paint unfinished drywall?

First, prepare the wall. Then sand it to make sure there are no gouges, cracks, or holes on the wall surface. Next, you should apply a primer to it. Also, provide a smoother surface for painting. After that, the drywall can be coated with the actual paint over the primed surface.

Still confused? No worries! Here we have provided all the steps you need to follow to paint the drywall! Plus, explained everything you need to do to prepare the unfinished wall for painting! 

Keep reading to find out!

4 Easy Steps to Paint Unfinished Drywall

You just can’t paint directly on your unfinished drywall. There are some steps you need to follow before you start to paint. Otherwise, you’ll notice the paint starting to go yellow or even peeling off after a month. Thus, all your efforts will go in vain.

So, knowing how to prepare drywall for painting is very important. Follow the steps given below accordingly to get your desired outcome!

Step 1: Prepare the Space

Getting a space painted is definitely not a simple job. And it becomes harder if the room is crammed with stuff. It may act as an obstruction to your mobility in the room.

Hence, before starting any sort of procedure in the garage, ensure that it’s completely cleared out. This way you will be able to work without any extra hassle.

This includes moving the vehicles out. Clearing out the wall-mounted shelves in the room. Shifting all things along your wall. And also ensure that all excess stuff is kept out of the room. This will prevent any debris from tumbling which may damage the paint job.

Step 2: Eliminate Any Bumps And Holes

Next, it is very crucial to make sure that there are no cracks and holes in the wall. Now that the walls are cleared it will be easier for you to examine.

Scrutinize the drywall to detect if you can find any gouges or dings in there. If you discover any gouges in the drywall, you need to fill those in. For that, you have to use drywall mud or a paste solution.

Now look for any bumps and holes in the wall. If you find any, you need to sand the drywall. Use a pole sander for this. Sand the surface and smoothen it until there are no cracks or bumps in the drywall.

Doing this will also help in allotting your wall a way better finish.

Step 3: Use A Primer

If you’re planning on painting drywall without primer, stop right there!

Because this is the first thing you should consider doing. Do it before you put any paint on that unfinished wall.

A primer will help in sealing the wall’s surface which is unfinished. This way no abnormalities can arise when painted over.

Also, it helps make your wall smooth and steady. Plus, ready to paint while confirming that the color attaches nicely with the surface.

You need to select the primer very carefully before you paint it over the wall. It is important to confirm that the primer you select is applicable for where the wall is located.

Meaning whether it’s located inside the room or outside the exterior of your house. It’s crucial as both kinds have differing paint adhesive qualities. They function well in their own circumstances.

Once done with the selection, you need to pour the primer into the paint tray. Do it using a paint roller. Then begin to apply it all over the wall. When doing it, ensure that you’re covering all the areas. Evade any area if that’s taped and don’t over paint unduly.

The primer will require about three hours to dry up. However, we suggest that you wait a day before painting over it with an actual one. Meaning the paint that you selected for your wall.

Step 4: Start Painting the Wall

Now, you have to apply paint over the primer. You can do it the same way you used primer. Then allow the paint to dry. Then If you reckon that it needs another coat of paint, apply it all over again. But before that, ensure that the prior paint layer is fully dry.

Now you might ask how to select paint to use on unfinished drywalls? Or which one is the best paint for drywall?

Well, the first thing that you need to ensure is using the most competent type of paint. Make sure it’s suitable for where the wall is located.

Try to avoid glossy or satin paints when painting the garage. As they don’t actually provide the look you want to aim for. Especially, when it comes to painting your garage.

Instead of using something shiny, select a matte shade. A shade that you think will sit adequately with the environment where your garage room is.

Similarly, avoid latex stains, too, as they are not much applicable for indoor usage.

Nevertheless, it’s always a great idea if you use oil-based paints. This works really well indoors as well as provides the type of finish you want. Plus, they’re greatly reliable and durable in regards to painting on unfinished walls.

And with that, you’re already with those brand-new walls you just painted in the best way possible. That too uses the best procedures as well.


What happens if you don’t prime drywall before painting?

If you don’t prime the drywall before painting, there is a risk of stripping the paint. Having a glue-like base, a primer helps the paint attach perfectly. Also, the lack of bonding can make cleaning more difficult. It even worsens with time as in several months after that paint has been applied.

What kind of paint do you use for drywall?

The best kind of paint you can use on drywall is acrylic drywall primers. If the drywall you’re painting over has been painted before, then you need to use a stain-blocking primer. It will help wipe out any scrapes or imperfections present.

Can I paint directly on unfinished drywall?

No, you should not paint directly on drywall. You need to sand it first.  Then, you have to ensure that you mud as well as prime it. If you leave the wall unprimed, the drywall begins to yellow within a couple of months. Then you can apply any coating of paint.

Wrapping Up

Hope we have cleared your question about how to paint unfinished drywall?

Now, whenever you’re in need to paint the unfinished drywall of your garage. This article will guide you! However, just always remember to choose the right primer for priming. As instructed in this guide. This will determine most of your job success.

That is all for now. Have a good day!

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