How to Open a Weatherguard Toolbox Without a Key [4 Methods]

Toolboxes are an integral part of anyone’s equipment list. WeatherGuard toolboxes are known for their safety and security. But what do you do if you accidentally lose the key to your toolbox? There are a few methods that you can use to open it without the key.

So, how to open a weatherguard toolbox without a key?

The simplest thing you can do is construct a new key with help of a locksmith. Lock picking is another way you can open the lock without a key. Get help from a lock picker. Lock manipulation is another easy method to open the toolbox. Lastly drilling the lock and breaking it will also do the trick.

Want to know more? We’ve got your back! This guide has all these methods explained in detail.

So let’s get started!

Opening the Toolbox Without a Key

If you have lost toolbox key, it can be quite tricky to open the toolbox. But there is good news, the locks of the toolbox aren’t that strong. So it can be opened without much trouble following some methods.

But there is a catch. There are different methods, some are less destructive and some are more destructive. Some methods will not damage the toolbox whereas some methods may damage the toolbox. But the more destructive methods are only needed when the other methods don’t work.

So let’s go through each method in detail now!

Method 1: New Key

This is the method for opening your toolbox if you have lost the key. For this first, you need to contact or hire a locksmith for making your key. Now, this is easiest if you have broken or damaged the key somehow. Then you construct a new key copying that broken key will be easier.

But if you have lost the key then that’s not possible. So the locksmith will have to construct a key from the lock itself. Even though it’s hard it is possible. But this process will take some time.

A locksmith can utilize a functional keyway to extract a master key. Without having to open the lock by using some expert tools and procedures. Many times though, constructing a new key will require opening the lock first. Either by manipulating or lock picking. In the case of high-quality padlocks, it may be necessary to disassemble the lock.

Method 2: Lock Picking

Lock picking is a well-known method for opening any lock without a key. As seen in movies, lock picking doesn’t only necessarily use only by thieves. Lock picking is used by locksmiths or professional lock pickers for legal reasons even.

To lock pick you will need some tools. Don’t worry if you want to do it for the first time. It’s recommended that you use the raking method rather than single-pin picking. Go through the steps given below to lock pick.

  1. First, get hold of lock picking tools. Tools like tension wrench and rake pick.
  2. Take the tension tool and insert it at the top or bottom of the key passage.
  3. Gently turn the cylinder inside the keyway with your tension wrench. Rotate it in the direction that the key turns in normally.
  4. Now, insert the rake pick tool. Put it in and out of the lock.
  5. Keep pushing the tension wrench while continuing the “in and out” movement of the rake.
  6. Keep doing it for 60 seconds. Make sure to not exceed 60 seconds of this action.
  7. See if the lock opens. If it doesn’t then remove the tools and repeat the process again.

A skilled locksmith may put their lock picking skills to greater use. That includes employing the more complex single-pin picking approach. All locks can be picked, and toolbox locks are unlikely to be secure enough to pose a serious challenge.

Method 3: Manipulation

Without a key, there are many different methods of manipulation for opening a toolbox lock. If it’s a padlock then you may need shims to open it. Now let’s see the steps you need to follow in order to open the lock.

  1. Look for a thin tool made of metal that can fit inside the keyway of the toolbox’s lock.
  2. Put the tool inside. Keep inserting the tool until it reaches the back of the lock.
  3. Turn the tool like a key while moving it up and down.
  4. Change the rotational power when you are jiggling it up and down. Try different amounts of rotation power.
  5. Continue doing it for 2 minutes.

This is the safest way to attempt if you really want to open a locked toolbox by yourself. Feel free to repeat the method as needed. But be careful not to overdo it as this might harm it and jam the keyway.

Method 4: Drilling

This approach is indeed a destructive one. As a result, the lock will basically be broken and unusable after opening the toolbox. Drilling should be considered if any other methods don’t work. For instance, if the lock is weather guard extreme protection locks, drilling might be required.

This method is quite simple. Just start drilling with a bit slightly larger than the hole of the keyway. Basically, the goal is to break the lock with drilling.

Slowly increase the size of the bit and eventually, the lock will break. So the keyway will get larger and larger each time you drill with a larger bit. Then you can finally break open the toolbox.

However, weatherguard toolbox locks are quite sturdy. So the process might take a bit of time. But be careful of damaging the toolbox’s body.

And if you have broken the lock don’t worry! You can get a replacement lock for your Weatherguard toolbox. If they are your trucks, you should know how to replace the lock on the truck toolbox. Below are some mentioned ones:

  1. Weather Guard 654501 All-Purpose Black Aluminum Chest

Now that you have got your replacement lock, you can now use the box like before.


Is there any other way I can open the toolbox?

Yes, there is another way you can potentially open the toolbox. That is prying the toolbox. But the downside of it is it will severely damage the toolbox. That is why it’s not recommended unless no other method works. So if nothing works, then opt for prying the toolbox.

What to do if there is a broken key inside the keyway?

There are multiple things you can try. Try to get the broken piece of the key out of the keyway. If you can get it out, then try any 4 of the methods mentioned above. If you can’t get the broken piece out, then breaking the lock is the last option.

How can I prevent my WeatherGuard toolbox from getting locked?

The best way to prevent your WeatherGuard toolbox from getting locked is to keep backup keys. When you have the key to your toolbox, you can easily make a copy of it. Any locksmith can make a copy of your original key. Keep that copied key safely so that you can use it in case of an emergency.


That will be all on how to open a weatherguard toolbox without a key. Also, be careful while following any of these methods. You can use safety gear as well if needed.

On that note, we wish you all the best and hope to see you at the next one!

See ya!

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