Can Pine Sol Be Used On Your Wooden Floors? [Expert’s Take]

If vacuuming and dry mopping aren’t cutting it when it comes to keeping your floors clean, you might want to consider other cleaning options. Pine-Sol may sound like a good cleaning solution if you have stains, residue, build-up, or grease on your floors, but can it harm them?

That’s why you must have been thinking – can you use pine sol on wood floors?

Well, the answer is, yes you can. Pine-Sol is a fantastic cleaning agent for debris, filth, and difficult stains on wooden floors. We’ll show you what you need to know about using Pine-Sol on wooden floors, including how to use it safely and without leaving residue.

So stay with us till the end to clear out your confusion.

Mythbusting: You Can Use Pine Sol On Wood Floors

Pine-Sol is completely safe to use on sealed or finished timber floors. However, the product’s makers advise against using it on unsealed or untreated timber surfaces.

Flooring constructed entirely of solid wood is known as wooden floors. Oak, cherry, ash, maple, and poplar are all common species of wood used for hardwood floors. Additionally, while Pine-Sol may have no effect on the wooden floor surface itself, the consequences on humans must be considered.

Pine-Sol, on the other hand, has significant health and environmental consequences, as well as the potential to create respiratory problems in humans and dogs. When you’re preparing to use Pine-Sol on your wooden floor, make sure there are no children or dogs present.

That’s the best advice we can provide. 

In Which Type Of Wood Pine-Sol Can Be Used?

Which Type Of Wood Pine-Sol Can Be Used

Pine-Sol is generally used in two types of wood. These are Engineered Wood and Hardwood. Let’s find out how they can be beneficial if used in these woods.


Here is couple of reasons why you should use pine sol on the hardwood:

  • If you use polyurethane on wooden areas, Pine-sol can make it stronger. In other words, pine-sol makes your hardwood floor or surfaces stronger. This works better than wax or other oil-based products. 
  • Pine-Sol is also great for sealed hardwood. Because cleaners made from oil or ammonia can ruin the sealing of hardwood. This reduces the future seals of hardwood products. 
  • Finally, Pine-Sol does not leave any residue behind when used and sprayed correctly, leaving you with an ugly hardwood floor surface. Cleaners based on wax and oil, on the other hand, create a foggy residue. Removing this residue could be pricey, as you may have to sand and refinish your hardwood floor to get it back to its original appearance.

Engineered Wood

Solid wood and engineered wood are not the same things. Engineered wood, which is more structurally resistant than solid wood, is created by compressing alternating layers of wood. As a result, scratch and scuff marks on this type of floor are more difficult to leave.

Pine-Sol can be used on engineered floors without causing damage. The reason behind this is due to pine-sol being a water-based cleaner. Thus, it makes using pine-sol safer rather than your conventional cleaning agents. 

How Should You Use Pine Sol?

Now as you have known in which woods Pine-Sol can be used now you might wonder how to use Pine-Sol. Here are the easy to follow steps: 

Step 1: Preparing The Surface

Let’s be real. When we start cleaning, we don’t want to deal with unnecessary dust or grime.

So, we’re going to start by dry-mopping, vacuuming, or brushing the wood surface. The main objective here is to remove dust particles, pet hair, and crumbs. 

Step 2: Make A Blend

Fill a bucket with 1/4 cup pine sol and a gallon of water. This indicates that for every gallon of water used, you’ll need to incorporate 1/4 cup of pine sol.

Also, it is not suggested to apply the entire solution to the floor since it will be excessively strong. Instead, mix it with water. 

Step 3: Start Cleaning With Pine-Sol

Mop the wood floor with the solution, being careful not to leave puddles, since this might cause streaking and wrapping. When dealing with tough floor stains like grease, apply pine sol straight from the container to the stain; no need to dilute it.

Step 4: Squirt Some on a Sponge and Scrape the Stain

Next, wipe the floor down with a damp sponge to restore shine. It’s not a good idea to use Pine-Sol on an unsealed or obviously worn floor, or on an oil or waxed floor. When cleaning your wooden floor, avoid using steel wool or a scouring pad.

Here’s something you need to keep in mind.

Before you apply pine sol on a wooden floor, make sure it’s sealed. Try dropping a drop of water on the floor. You need to check if the water sits there. If it does then it means the floor is sealed.

If it soaks into the floor, it means your seal is broken or outdated. This will leave your wooden floor open to liquids.

Recommended Pine-Sol Cleaning Mop

The cleaning mop recommended by Pine-sol has a large head that allows for efficient cleaning with just one push, saving time and energy compared to the usual sponge method.

Even the most cluttered corner of the room is no match for this mop. The cleaning mop should come with a spray container that gives consumers complete control over the solution quantity.

The amount of cleaner required to clean each location can be adjusted, and the best part is that this spray does not require batteries.

The solution spray bottle is firmly sealed with foam, preventing spillage and providing superb mopping control. The solution bottle is refillable and can be used repeatedly.

Although pine sol is the best and most recommended wooden floor cleaner, this solution container can be filled with any solution. 


Is it safe to breathe Pine Sol?

No, it is not safe to breathe Pine-sol. Although there is no real harm, in the end, it’s a cleaning agent. So, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Is it true that Pine-Sol kills bugs?

Pine-Sol is also effective against fire ants. Pour 50/50 water on a fire ant mound, and most of the ants will be dead the next day. A huge mound may require two or three treatments, but it is effective.   Fordy, CajunSunshine, and others like this.

Is Pine-Sol Expensive?

Not really! It isn’t expensive at all. It is far cheaper than any other cleaning agent in the market. 


In the end, I can say I hope after reading this article your question” Can Pine Sol be used on wooden floors” is answered. And cleaning your floors shouldn’t be an issue now that you know how to use Pine Pol on wooden floors.

When your floor is unclean or needs to be cleaned, you should always be prepared to use Pine-Sol to clean it. Adios!

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